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From: Marilyn Thelen
Rockford, IL
Where can I bring a groundhog if I trap it myself in Winnebago County? I had professional for a short period of time. I'm 74 and this is a real hardship on me as I'm afraid the traps will catch only possums or skunks and I believe my culprit to be a groundhog. There are two large holes within feet if my front door, up against my foundation. About 6 Ft. away I have a crawl space. That worries me. Peppermint and mothballs don't seem to bother it. I've seen it only twice on the same day. When I videoed it, possums looked into the holes but didn't enter. Is there anywhere fairly close to Rockford where I can take the animal, if I catch it, for a ressonable fee? I know I will need a permit. It will be hibernation time soon. Please help. Thank you. I don't see the sign guest book area.

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