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Nightly Skunk Spray - Please Help!

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From: Amy G
Chicago, IL
I am experiencing a problem with skunk odor nearly every night! I live in the city, but near the forest preserve, and we have quite a bit of wildlife in the area. Every night at about the same time, the house fills with the pungent odor of skunk. And if I had the windows open to get some fresh air while sleeping, it is even worse! I have carefully checked the perimeter of the house - there is no place to burrow, and the skunks have not taken up residence under my house, nor do I have a deck for them to dig under. I do not have fruits or vegetables growing in my yard. Only grass and bushes. I do not have a grub problem with the lawn, and have not had any issues with the skunks digging up the lawn for grubs. Trash cans are kept in the garage, on the opposite side of the house that keeps getting sprayed. The yard is well-lit all night. I do not have outdoor pets, and neither do my neighbors. I have tried putting orange and citrus juice and peels out as a deterrent. Nothing seems to work! How can I prevent the skunks from coming by and spraying my house nightly?This has been going on for over 2 years, and is a nightly occurrence in the spring/summer/fall. It is so frustrating to never be able to have my windows open in the evening, and still deal with the smell every night when they are closed. What can I do? Please help!

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