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Baby squirrel

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From: Alexis Nuno
Chicago, IL
I have been taking care of a 5 week old orphaned baby squirrel for about a week now. I found it on the grass near the street by a tree. A few feet away was an adult squirrel that had been ran over and killed. I figured maybe it wasnt its mother so o left the baby alone. The following day the baby was still in the same spot and looked very ill. I decided I couldnt leave it alone so I took it in and did tons of research to figure out what to do first. The baby was severely dehydrated so i gave warmed up pedialyte every 2 hrs for 2 days. About 3cc. Then on the 3rd day I started it on powderedcEsbilac formula for puppies. Kept it in a tank under a heat lamp. Helped it toilet. Long story short, it is doing so much better. Healthy little squirrel. My question to you is can i get in trouble for rescueing and caring for it? Do i need a permit? Can i let it back into its habitat once its old enough and set it free into a forest preserve or will it be too tamed? and if i cant let it back into the wild would i be able to keep it? Please help, I have no idea what I should do. I know enough on how to care for it since i did so much research but should i still take it to a vet?

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