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dog vs. goose

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From: Kathy Sauer
Batavia, IL
the park district in my town wants to build a fenced in dog park on an open space within 15 feet of the Fox River shoreline. the space is probably less than 2 acres which is sandwiched between a busy street and the Fox River Bike Trail. Right now this area is a feeding ground for geese and ducks. the chain link fencing would block the geese from their food source and re-route them into the resident's yards across the street with the hazard of them getting hit by passing vehicles. Also, the pollution of the dog park would enter the soil and then the Fox River. The barking dogs would be just outside(within 50-60 feet) of the resident's windows in a 2- 3 block stretch. What environmental impact issues can we, as property owners, use to try to prohibit the construction of this project?? The town already has a new 3 acre dog park amidst a beautiful 58 acre community park with acres of a buffer for neighboring homes. Thanks

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