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From: Doreen Forbes
O'Fallon, IL
My neighbor has been trapping and relocating raccoons per the city telling him to do that to solve his raccoon problem. He complains that they are destroying his birdfeeders. I live 2 houses down and have no problem even though I have plenty of wildlife in my woods. I do feed birds and feed groundfeeders. After sending the neighbor some info on raccoons which says to never feed them, he is blaming me for the "overpopulation"in our area. However, they are at his feeders, my enclosed feeders are not bothered. The info also says more will move in if you remove any and had suggestions for how to prevent raids on birdfeeders but not sure if he comprehended that. Should we all stop feeding birds? Should I just stop feeding the ground feeding and platform feeding birds and just keep the enclosed feeders? There are a lot of obsessive compulsive overcontrolling people on this street which I think is the problem, not the raccoons but I don't want them trapping so I will stop all bird feeding if that will eliminate the raccoons from coming around 2 houses down. He is threatening to call a company since I told him to stop trapping. I can't imaging a reputable company trapping raccoons because they come in his wooded yard with a lake but he might find one.

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