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Is this Squirrel sick?

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From: Reshma Niazi
Oakville, ZZ
A feed the squirrels in my back yard everyday. A few weeks back one of them looked quite injured as if it had been hit by a car or something. When he walks he is fine but when he tried to eat standing on two feet only he kept falling and had no sense of balance. He also had 2-3 small patches of fur missing. In the last few weeks he has learned to eat while sleeping sideways and has also learned to balance a little more on his two feet but still cannot stand for more then 5 seconds on his two feet. It's very hard watching him eat nut he manages to eat and drink. The last couple of days I have noticed that he is loosing more and more of hi fur. Not shading but loosing it completely. I am worried as the weather drops to minus everyday. He is also not coming to eat everyday. I see him every other day or so. Is he sick with some disease or do you think he was injured by a car or another animal?

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