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declining number of squirrels in our yards

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From: kathy gallo
downers grove, IL
In the past 3 weeks I have found 3 dead squirrels in our yard. 2 were juveniles and 1 adult. They just seem to dye lying on the ground. The last one was observed by myself walking around the yard slowly like she was off balance or something. She was having a hard time sitting up on her hind legs to eat. When done eating she would lay flat out on the grass. The next morning we found her dead on our driveway. Animal control was called but they said they couldn't do anything really. My concern is what is killing them and will it effect our neighborhood kids or pets. There use to be at least 6 or 7 squirrels in the trees in the back yard and then across the street in the park. Saturday July 29,2017 was the last time I have seen any squirrels and this was another young red fox squirrel. Last week I put out a ear of corn on my feeder and they haven't touched it. Normally it would have been gone in 2 days at most

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