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Raccoon problem

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From: Laura Betts
Bartonville, IL
Why do think that there is any way to get rid of racoons in a home when they can climb the house and can not be controlled and you know that they would come back anytime?

I'm tired of reading all the answers that are not answers. I'm tired of the lame excuses that these animals are not a danger to everyone. These racoons spread very harmful diseases to humans and pets. Why is this concern so lost in these situations? I believe that you are in for a journey of the fact that there is a real problem to our home environment as well as personal value of this environment.

Why aren't you convinced that this is such a harmful view?

These racoons need to be promptly removed, permanently. The diseases they spread are tragic. Where is the solution? I am so saddened and sickened by all this lack of commitment to get rid of racoons.

I don't want them moved near my backyard!

I don't want to pay for it. I don't want to sacrifice my life for a raccoon problem.

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