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Hole in Roof

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From: Pam Jones
Champaign, IL
An animal chewed through the roof of my house and I think it is living in my attic. What do I do?

Extension Message
From: Laura Kammin
Visiting Extension Specialist, Pollution Prevention
Extension-Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
The best way to handle a situation like this is to hire a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) to catch the animal for you. If you wish to trap the animal yourself, you will need to request an nuisance animal removal permit from your local Illinois Department of Natural Resources District Wildlife Biologist (DWB).

You can find a list of licensed NWCOs and DWBs on the "Find a Professional" page of this website.

Once the animal has been removed, repair the damage to prevent other animals from gaining access. Make it a habit to regularly inspect your home for rotting wood, openings or holes, or other weak spots that make it easy for animals to gain entry.

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