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Why are squirrels protected in urban Illinois

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From: Robert O'Hara
Oak Park, IL
In Oak Park, there are 10's of thousands of old growth trees and many more times that number of squirrels. They ravage homes, gardens, heavy duty garbage cans etc. and are everywhere and into everything. On the other hand, honey bees are not protected. This year 75% of my blossoms for squash and pumpkins went un-pollinated. The world wide problem is escalating by a death rate of 3% per year of honey bees. The anthropomorphic reasons are clear to me why one species is protected and the other isn't. But isn't protecting squirrels in urban areas a very outdated protections from long days past when they were hunted perhaps almost to extinction. Clearly they no longer need protection and should not be. Honeybees on the other hand do. How does this whole process work in Illinois of protecting and un-protecting species. Thanks

Extension Message
From: Laura Kammin
Visiting Extension Specialist, Pollution Prevention
Extension-Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
In Illinois, most species of wildlife are protected by the Illinois Wildlife Code, including tree squirrels. Squirrels that are causing property damage may be removed (permit needed). While honeybees are not currently listed as protected in Illinois, there are lots of people trying to protect them:

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