Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Damage to Structures

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Question Title Date
Raccoon problem from Tom Hall (1) Reply. 07/04/10
Chipmunks in downspouts from Pam Leiter (1) Reply. 06/16/10
Beaver damage to pier supports (?) from Victoria H (1) Reply. 05/21/10
Gray squirrel repellents from Mary Garvine (3) Replies. 02/22/10
mounds of dirt by critters from heather lamb (1) Reply. 09/06/09
groundhog from Lynn Werner (1) Reply. 08/09/09
Trying to identify my nuisance from Rick Matecki (1) Reply. 04/05/09
One inch hole in landscape timber from David Woodbury (1) Reply. 08/25/08
Chipmunks from Jerry Cooney (2) Replies. 08/07/08
deer protection from Andria Pool (1) Reply. 07/31/08
Squirrels from Linda Burke (1) Reply. 07/27/08
woodpeckers from John dabrowski (1) Reply. 07/20/08
Pigeons from Amanda Wallen (2) Replies. 07/08/08
Hole in Roof from Pam Jones (1) Reply. 06/06/08
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