Living with Wildlife in Illinois

Damage to Structures

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Question Title Date
Same thing from R A 09/14/22
Raccoon problem from Laura Betts 08/01/19
den of foxes from Michele Richter 05/22/16
coyote from tom russ 10/13/15
starling removal from Robert Borgman (1) Reply. 06/12/15
death of animal from robert Mather (1) Reply. 04/21/15
ground hog hole under sunroom from Eka Klemmer (3) Replies. 08/09/14
hole next to driveway from Kathy Nichol (1) Reply. 06/17/14
What is digging from Georgia Vanderboegh (1) Reply. 07/12/13
garter snakes from carol Ravens-Turner (1) Reply. 07/07/13
Neighbor feeding the wildlife from Jennifer Greenland (1) Reply. 04/27/13
Fried squirrel from Ruth Kelley (1) Reply. 04/16/13
Chewed up wiring from Matthew Wolf (1) Reply. 03/01/13
chipmunks from Geri Brasfield (2) Replies. 05/22/11
identification of problem from Lawrence Goedke (1) Reply. 04/11/11
"Mister, that's no mouse noise!" from Lee Johnson (1) Reply. 02/15/11
Nightime invador from Kathy Sheridan Kathleen (1) Reply. 12/10/10
Pigeons from Tania Kadakia (1) Reply. 11/17/10
unknown animal under cement slab porch from Judith Wade (3) Replies. 11/06/10
Racoons from LEON WILLIAMS (1) Reply. 09/16/10
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